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Ready-Mix Concrete

Norcast is capable of producing a wide array of ready-mix concrete for your application. We are trusted and experienced in ACI, CSA, and ASTM specific concrete mix designs to ensure standards are met among the residential , commercial, industrial or agricultural industries. See the list below outlining our standard product mix capabilities:

  • Standard Mixes (10 MPa – 45 Mpa +)
  • High Strength Specification Mixes
  • Winter Concrete Mixes
  • Custom Mixes
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Ready Mix Concrete


We provide years of expertise and consultation to our customers, ensuring a number of variables are considered when identifying your mix design. Such as weather conditions, load, timeframes and location. Some of the admixtures available include:

  • Air Entrainers
  • Water Reducers
  • Set Retardants
  •  High Early
  • Set Accelerators
  • Superplasticizers
  • Integral Hardener
  • Colorant

We house a wide array of admixtures, that are chemical additives meant to modify the properties of the concrete in a controlled setting, and used to:

  • Reduce your operating and construction cost
  • Alter the properties of the hardened concrete
  • Preserve the integrity of the concrete during difference processes


Norcast owns and operates 3 local aggregate supply locations, with over 40 years of experience in procressing. Norcast continually exceeds applicable ASTM standards ensuring all products meet the required specifications. Outside of aggregate supply in concrete mix, Norcast supplies the following aggregate products:

  • Base 
  • Sub-Base
  • Crushed Rock
  • Pea Gravel
  • Washout Gravel
  • Sand

Value Added Services

Norcast is a trusted name for high-quality concrete products and ready-mix concrete throughout Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas. We are providing a suite of value added services to our customers including assistance in mix design and specfication determination for your project needs. Our company houses qualified enginering resources to assist durign the design phase to completion. We have the capability to complete onsite formwork and finishingif required by any customers.

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